Terry and Jordan Warkentin

Terry started using BioProGreen five years ago. Terry started testing with just a few gallons and now he puts BioProGreen on all of his crop acres. His crops include Corn, Soybeans, Wheat and Canola. Terry has seen the products ability to increase production under stress conditions. Whether the early season is wet and cool or hot and dry, a healthier plant has the ability to sustain itself through a wide variety of conditions.

Kevin Wagler

Kevin has been a user and distributor for five years. Kevin and his brothers have been using BioProGreen on their crops. Kevin says the product gives them the production edge they have been looking for. Increases in production and quality equal more profit.

As a distributer, Kevin has been actively promoting BioProGreen.

Larry Williams

Larry grows corn and canola. Larry tells us that he has had good returns after adverse weather compared with surrounding farms.

His corn treated with BioProGreen developed brace roots in response to strong winds, lifting plants back to the vertical. This behavior was traced back to our unique formulation.

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John Smith

John is one of the farmers who helped us by carrying out early trials.

This image shows that the section of his corn treated with BioProGreen formulations has been able to recover from wind damage remarkably quickly.

This was one of the clues that told us we had developed something very special in BioProGreen

Steve Mosely

Steve (our farmer) started the ball rolling by setting up Richland Enviro Solutions and, with a few like minds, developing the BioProGreen range.

He's been delighted with the results and is dedicated to improving the formulations still further. He would love to hear from you!

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