Our Product Range

Each of our products in the BioProGreen range is made up of two parts. This allows us to target different requirements throughout the growing season, and also the various application methods that may be used to apply our products.

Part 1: The BioProGreen BASE FORMULATION

The BioProGreen BASE is the starting point for all our formulations because it is so effective. There was no way we could exclude the BASE from any of our products. As a biostimulant, it provides numerous advantages including: reducing germination time; increasing germination rate; helping plants get off to better start; enhancing root development including bracing roots; eliminating competitive weeds; reducing pest and pathogen damage; protecting against early frost; and much more.

Part 2: The BioProGreen ACTIVATORS

The BioProGreen Activators complete the formulation when added to the BASE to accomplish enhanced objectives for different applications.

Different ACTIVATOR applications include: method of delivery (via the roots or via foliar applications) and whether the product is targeted at improving soil conditions or the health of the plant itself.


Products Designed For

Domestic, Garden & Greenhouse Use
Our products are specially formulated for small growers who want to see big returns, including all home growers and gardeners. No enterprise is too small to benefit.
Read the BioGardenGreen label and application guide.

Commercial Growers
Large agro producers, commercial growers, distributers and of course farmers. Use our product matrix as a guide to your requirements, or contact us to discuss how our products might help you. We are keen to hear from you!


Product Matrix

It all starts and ends with soil quality. It takes approximately 500-years on average for nature to create an inch of topsoil, which can be destroyed in a few growing seasons. We focus on undoing the damage caused by toxic-chemicals. Every one of our products gives back to the soil while providing you a great return on your investment.

We have developed a range of products that address each of four stages in the agricultural cycle.

product matrix1 PRIME:
Products applied before the growing season to remediate soil pollutants, feed soil rhizome (root area), increase beneficial soil organisms, add Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), add Carbon, restore soil fertility, and to prime the soil for the new growing season

Reduce germination time, increase germination rate, help plants get off to a better start, stimulate root development, reduce pest and pathogen damage by producing healthier plants, and protect against late frost.

Grow bigger and stronger plants, develop larger and deeper roots, enhance retention of moisture in the soil, enhance nutrient exchange, reduce agricultural inputs, increase biomass, enhance disease & pest resistance, enhance protection against weather.

Increase fertility, obtain more even ripening, protect against pests and pathogens, help withstand adverse weather (wind, rain, drought, temperature), promote larger and more consistent yields, produce more biomass, protect against early frosts.