Hello and Welcome

Steve Moseley, founder of Richland Enviro SolutionsI am delighted that you are reading this as it means that you are looking to increase the yield from your farm, whatever the crop, whilst doing so in a way which is environmentally friendly. But first, let me introduce myself. I am Steve Moseley, the owner and founder or Richland Enviro Solutions (RES). As a farmer based in Paris, Tennessee, I am ideally placed to know the tight margins and challenges that constrain those of us in the industry.

The original purpose of my business was to sell a commercial crop stimulant and growth enhancer. However, I wanted to better understand how the product works and the underlying science that explains why the formulae is so potent, ….. so I bought the formulae! I began to manufacture the product locally, (within strict quality assurance guidelines) sourcing and using only the best quality natural ingredients. This has been a challenge that has been met with tenacity, perseverance and enthusiasm. Since then, year upon year the formulation has been improved (I have had some assistance!)

The formulae has been adapted to optimise agricultural outputs (yield) and minimise inputs (chemicals) which harm the environment. The BioProGreen formulations are the best ever, But RES is committed to continuing development and improvement of our products so that my loyal customers have the very best returns possible, which is no less than they deserve. Trialled and used in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida – in fact most of the USA, my customers are confident that they are getting the best ever ROI regardless of variables such as weather.

This product has been applied to various different crops including tobacco, soybeans, corn wheat and fruit – all with the same amazing results! But don’t take my word for it – ask my customers. Please see the testimonials page and you will see their confidence in the effectiveness of this product. So If you are looking to optimise your ROI and get more reward for your hard labour, then look no further. We have the ideal product specially developed and manufactured with you in mind!

Steve Mosely, Owner of Richland Enviro Solutions, Paris, Tennessee, USA.